Renowned for his shyness, Yves Saint-Laurent liked to provoke ‘bourgeoisie’, which he hated. He constantly pushed women’s wardrobe dress-code with elegance and accuracy and throughout his career he imagined revolutionary pieces to dress women and his muses. Some of the iconic pieces such as the tuxedo and the ‘saharienne’.

Some of his highlights: first fashion catwalks in 1962, the Mondrian collection in 1965.

He opposed his signature on the ‘caban’, the tuxedo, the ‘saharienne suit’, the jumpsuit … and took the style to the street. Yves Saint Laurent, founder of his house with his companion and partner Pierre Bergé revolutionised the fashion industry with the ready-to-wear. A profusion of style, colours and shoulder pads.

Yves Saint Laurent reinvented the contemporary women wardrobe with pieces such as the ‘caban’ (1962), the tuxedo (1966) and the pantsuit (1967).

In 1971, the year in which Bianca and Mick Jagger married in Yves Saint Laurent.

In July 1976, the Opera-Ballets Russians collection paraded like a show….

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YVES SAINT-LAURENT necklace gilded metal with faceted stones and a central heart stone

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