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  • yves saint laurent vintage flare retro swing coat bell cuff sleeves c.1980s

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Flare Retro Swing Coat Bell Cuff Sleeves C.1980s

  • chanel pearl belt necklace double strand cc logo charm c.2004 w/box

    CHANEL Pearl Belt-Necklace Double Strand CC Logo Charm C.2004 W/Box

  • chanel pink & black quilted calfskin leather small cambon cc logo bag c.2004 2005

    CHANEL Pink & Black Quilted Calfskin Leather Small Cambon CC Logo Bag C.2004-2005

  • chanel vintage belt leather and gold link chain iconic cc logo coco medallion charm c.1980

    CHANEL Vintage Belt Leather and Gold Link Chain Iconic CC Logo Coco Medallion Charm C.1980 W/Box

  • lanvin couture evening clutch black crepe satin amari 18k gold plated spheres c.2000

    LANVIN Couture Evening Clutch Black Crepe Satin Amari 18k Gold Plated Spheres C.2000

  • guy laroche vintage black short jacket lozenge diamond shape c.1980s

    GUY LAROCHE Vintage Black Short Jacket Lozenge Diamond Shape C.1980s

  • hermÈs vintage silk scarf l’hiver red gold by philippe ledoux c.1968 w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Silk Scarf L’Hiver Red-Gold By Philippe Ledoux C.1968 W/Box

  • christian lacroix paris vintage geometry fitted skirt 1997

    CHRISTIAN LACROIX PARIS Vintage Geometry Fitted Skirt 1997

  • saint laurent rive gauche paris vintage black smoking skirt rare circa 70s 80

    SAINT LAURENT RIVE GAUCHE PARIS Vintage Black Smoking Skirt Rare Circa 70s-80

  • yves saint laurent variation vintage gold yellow fitted skirt c.1980s

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Variation Vintage Gold-Yellow Fitted Skirt C.1980s

  • christian dior tweed fitted jacket burnt orange single breasted c.2000

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Tweed Fitted Jacket Burnt Orange Single Breasted C.2000

  • hermÈs 1979 jige clutch box leather vintage w/box

    HERMÈS 1979 Jige Clutch Box Leather Vintage W/Box

  • yves saint laurent by goossens vintage ysl large heart cabochons brooch pendant c.1990s

    YVES SAINT LAURENT By GOOSSENS Vintage YSL Large Heart Cabochons Brooch Pendant C.1990s

  • yves saint laurent by goossens vintage ysl citrine cabochons earrings c.1990s

    YVES SAINT LAURENT By GOOSSENS Vintage YSL Citrine Cabochons Earrings C.1990s

  • christian lacroix vintage tweed bouclé wool bazar jacket multi c.1990s

    CHRISTIAN LACROIX Vintage Tweed Bouclé Wool Bazar Jacket Multi C.1990s

  • hermÈs 'etribelt' handbag in black leather 2012 w/box

    HERMÈS ‘Etribelt’ Handbag in Black Leather 2012 W/Box

  • chanel bracelet black resin white and beige cc logo four clover cuff 2003 w/box

    CHANEL Bracelet Black Resin White and Beige CC Logo Four Clover Leaf Cuff 2003 W/Box

  • christian dior vintage monogram shoulder clutch chain burgundy bag c.1970s

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Vintage Monogram Shoulder Clutch Chain Burgundy Bag C.1970s

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