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  • CHANEL Black Leather & Gold Metal Belt Wide Oversized Multi CC Logo 1992

  • Chanel medallion belt

    CHANEL Vintage CC Logo Medallion Gold Tone Belt – Necklace W/Box

    Whoops sold
  • HERMÈS H Crocodile Constance Belt Black Vintage 1990s

  • CHANEL 1996 Perfume CC Logo Clover Bag Heart Shoe Charm Chain Belt Vintage

    Whoops sold
  • HERMÈS Chaine D’Ancre Belt Anchor Chain & Red Leather

    Whoops sold
  • YVES SAINT-LAURENT Belt 80s Logo Buckle Red Leather Vintage

    Whoops sold
  • LANCEL Belt Vintage Brown Lizard Rectangular Double Buckle 90s

    Whoops sold
  • HERMÈS Belt H Constance Reversible 32 mm Tan / Black Brushed Palladium 95

    Whoops sold
  • 1960 Black Vintage Sequin Belt Arrow Shape

  • HERMÈS Belt Vintage Calfskin Leather Black Small Rare W/Box

    Whoops sold
  • HERMÈS Belt Vintage Calfskin Navy Blue Leather Small Rare W/Box

  • HERMES Belt H Constance Buckle Gold 1996 Reversible Red-Bordeaux

  • CHANEL Belt Gold Chain Links Gripoix Charms Circa 1970-80s

    Whoops sold
  • CELINE Vintage Chunky Belt Link Gold Chain

    Whoops sold
  • CHANEL Vintage Logo Pendant Chain interlaced Black Leather Belt 1982

    Whoops sold
  • Escada Belt Leather Large Square Gold Buckle Vintage

    Whoops sold
  • Escada Large Leather Bull Head Belt 1980s

    Whoops sold
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