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  • chanel vintage timeless classic red quilted double flap leather shoulder bag 1985 w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Timeless Classic Red Quilted Double Flap Leather Shoulder Bag 1985 W/Box

  • chanel vintage timeless quilted double flap leather shoulder black bag c.1980s w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Timeless Quilted Double Flap Leather Shoulder Black Bag C.1980s W/Box

  • chanel large quilted 2.55 shoulder bag bow butterfly c.2008 2009

    CHANEL Large Quilted 2.55 Shoulder Bag Bow Butterfly C.2008-2009

  • chanel vintage mini classic timeless bag cc logo c.1989 1990

    CHANEL Vintage Mini Square Lambskin Gold Hardware Classic Timeless Bag C.1989-1990

    Whoops sold
  • chanel vintage cc logo quilted shoulder flap bag black timeless c.1989 1991

    CHANEL Vintage CC Logo Quilted Shoulder Flap Bag Black Timeless C.1989-1990

    Whoops sold
  • chanel vintage maxi jumbo timeless diamond quilted cc logo black bag 1996

    CHANEL Vintage Maxi Jumbo Timeless Diamond Quilted CC Logo Black Bag 1996

  • chanel vintage diamond quilted clutch cc logo leather & jersey handbag 1980

    CHANEL Vintage Diamond Quilted Clutch CC Logo Leather & Jersey Handbag C.1970s-1980

  • hermÈs vintage constance h rio clutch pochette black 1994

    HERMÈS Vintage Constance H RIO Clutch Pochette Black 1994

  • chanel vintage quilted lambskin double shoulder gst tote shopping bag c.1990s

    CHANEL Vintage Quilted Lambskin Double Shoulder GST Tote Shopping Bag C.1990s

    Whoops sold
  • hermÈs vintage calf box leather chaîne d'ancre gold hardware bag w/box c.1960s

    HERMÈS Vintage Calf Box Leather Chaîne D’Ancre Gold Hardware Bag W/Box C.1960s

  • chanel vintage camera bag cc logo leather & chevron shoulder bag c.1989

    CHANEL Vintage Camera Bag CC Logo Leather & Chevron Shoulder Bag C.1989

  • chanel vintage lambskin purse clutch fringe tassel cc logo c. 1990 w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Lambskin Purse Clutch Fringe Tassel CC Logo C. 1990 W/Box

    Whoops sold
  • chanel aged calfskin quilted reissue 2.55 double flap bag c.2012

    CHANEL Aged Calfskin Quilted Reissue 2.55 Double Flap Bag C.2012

    Whoops sold
  • chanel double side pack leather bag 'la pausa' quilted c.2019 w/box coming soon

    CHANEL Double Side Pack Leather Bag ‘LA PAUSA’ Quilted C.2019 W/BOX

    Whoops sold
  • chanel multicolour sequins bag medium limited edition c.2019 w/box coming soon

    CHANEL Multicolour Sequins Bag Medium Limited Edition C.2019 W/BOX

    Whoops sold
  • hermÈs vintage kelly 28 burgundy bordeaux box calfskin ghw iconic 1987

    HERMÈS Vintage Kelly 32 Burgundy Bordeaux Box Calfskin GHW Iconic 1987

  • chanel vintage grand shopping tote bag cognac quilted cc logo c.1990s

    CHANEL Vintage Grand Shopping Tote Bag Cognac Quilted CC Logo C.1990s

  • chanel paris byzance limited edition pony hair leather bag collection 2011

    CHANEL Paris Byzance Limited Edition Pony Hair Leather Bag Collection 2011

    Whoops sold
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