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  • chanel vintage ruby gripoix drop earrings cc logo gold sphere c.1970s w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Ruby Gripoix Drop earrings CC Logo Gold Sphere C.1970s W/Box

  • chanel vintage baroque pearl drop & lozenge diamente cabochons earrings c.1971 w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Baroque Pearl Drop & Lozenge Diamente Cabochons Earrings C.1971 W/Box

  • chanel vintage four leaf clover cc logo lucky charm brooch spring 1994 w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Four Leaf Clover CC Logo Lucky Charm Brooch Spring 1994 W/Box

  • chanel vintage earrings clip faceted pearl crystals & gold c.1980s w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Earrings Clip Faceted Pearl Crystals & Gold C.1980s W/Box

  • yves saint laurent vintage gold plated emerald crystal necklace c.1980

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Gold Plated Emerald Crystal Necklace C.1980

  • chanel 1980s twisted link pearl & gold clip earrings vintage w/box

    CHANEL 1980s Twisted Link Pearl & Gold Clip Earrings Vintage W/Box

  • christian dior vintage drop dangling sphere ball earrings gold black c.1980

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Vintage Drop Dangling Sphere Ball Earrings Gold-Black C.1980

  • christian dior vintage clip on flower pearl & crystal earrings c.1980

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Vintage Clip-On Flower Pearl & Crystal Earrings C.1980

  • yves saint laurent ysl vintage gold & pearl drop dangling earrings c.1980s

    YVES SAINT LAURENT YSL Vintage Gold & Pearl Drop Dangling Earrings C.1980s

  • chanel cc logo crystals tear drop dangle earrings gold

    CHANEL CC Logo Crystals Tear Drop Dangle Earrings Gold

  • chanel cc logo pearl drop pendant dangle earrings red & gold 

    CHANEL CC Logo Pearl Drop Pendant Dangle Earrings Red & Gold 

    Whoops sold
  • yves saint laurent ysl by robert goossens earrings gold dome c.1980

    YVES SAINT LAURENT YSL By Robert Goossens Earrings Gold Dome C.1980

  • christian dior necklace cd logo double sphere gold ball chain

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Necklace CD Logo Double Pendant Sphere Gold Chain

    Whoops sold
  • chanel 1980 camellia pearl & gold coco chanel clip earrings vintage w/box

    CHANEL 1980 Camellia Pearl & Gold Coco Chanel Clip Earrings Vintage W/Box

  • yves saint laurent haute couture heart shaped crystals & gold earrings by robert goossens 1983

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Haute Couture Heart-Shaped Crystals & Gold Earrings By Robert Goossens 1983

  • christian lacroix 1990s gold coral branch crystal & red statement brooch

    CHRISTIAN LACROIX 1990s Gold Coral Branch Crystal & Red Statement Brooch

  • yves saint laurent ysl vintage drop pendant flower gold & red earrings 1980

    YVES SAINT LAURENT YSL Vintage Drop Pendant Flower Gold & Red Earrings 1980

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