Chelsea Vintage Couture is a very dynamic business promoting amazing vintage-preowned pieces. The founders Mary and Emma, have always had a lifelong passion for French fashion designers, it’s in their blood. Even when they were busy with their professional activities in the financial and art market sectors, they always managed to find time to search and buy la ‘crème de la crème’ of French fashion designer clothing and accessories. Chelsea Vintage Couture offers their sophisticated clientele the opportunity to acquire superb preowned rare French vintage, classic and contemporary collection designer clothing and accessories at the most competitive prices.

Our talented team work in harmony with an entrepreneurial spirit to offer you the very best because we are as passionate as you are and proud of what we do.

We constantly source the perfect and unique find just for you and we are always here to offer you exactly what you are looking for.

Should you not find what you are looking for immediately please do not hesitate to contact us anytime and tell us exactly what your unique and personal requirements are and we will be delighted to help you to satisfy your needs.

Our services are dedicated to our clientele and we are always here to help :

  • Available any time via Email, WhatsApp, telephone…..we reply fast !
  • All preowned Designer brand goods are 100% authenticity guaranteed with strict quality control checks.
  • Personalised hand to hand delivery in our neighbourhood – Chelsea, London, UK and worldwide secured and insured delivery with internet shipping control.
  • Personalised viewing with a model (like in the old days) for you to enjoy your purchasing experience while enjoying a glass of champagne
  • Professional fashion advice of what to wear and when
  • Unique items and style at the most competitive prices
  • You can opt to donate a portion of the proceeds from the sale or the entire sale to a charity that we support

Chelsea Vintage Couture supports various Charities because we care about others and as a seller you can also opt to make a donation from the proceeds of your item(s) for sale. Your contribution will be sent to a charitable foundation to benefit a cause, to save and to improve the lives of people. Please contact us.

if you wish to donate. See our Terms and conditions.

We are also concerned about the environment and by deciding to promote vintage, preowned clothing and accessories, we are trying to contribute a little bit to preserve our environment.

Chelsea Vintage Couture offers you a new and unique way to purchase and mix the couture piece you MUST HAVE in your wardrobe – for example a simple pair of “jeans” matched with the latest Chanel top or jacket. We wish to offer you the very first website to shop at for an exciting unique shopping experience because if a woman is poorly dressed, we notice her dress but if she is impeccably dressed, she is the one we look at. This quote from Coco Chanel perfectly reflects the importance of appearance and dress codes in our society.

Each outfit constitutes a true coded language, it reflects your social background, status, professional and cultural clan and can even translate a mood or temperament. Fashion is omnipresent and is part of our daily lives.

Our goal is whoever you are, where ever you are every lady nowadays should have at least one of the MUST-HAVE couture brand in their closet to make them feel and look unique.

If you have any questions or if you are looking for something special for any occasion or would even like to book a private appointment to buy or sell with us in Chelsea in our shop at Bourbon Hanby Arcade, 151 Sydney St, London SW3 6NT (opposite Chelsea Town Hall, Kings Road – next to Chelsea Garden Center). Please don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime.

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