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  • chanel vintage double strands pearls & gripoix necklace autumn 1997 w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Double Strands Pearls & Gripoix Necklace Autumn 1997 W/Box

  • chanel vintage double cuff gold pearls bracelet collection 26 by victoire de castellane circa 1980s w/box

    CHANEL Vintage Double Cuff Gold Pearls Bracelet Collection 26 by Victoire de Castellane Circa 1980s W/Box

  • hermÈs silk scarf collector la femme aux semelles de vent by aline honoré 2009 w/box

    HERMÈS Silk Scarf Collector La Femme Aux Semelles De Vent By Aline Honoré 2009 W/Box

  • christian dior 1963 couture necklace blue pink agate cabochons vintage exceptional w/box

    CHRISTIAN DIOR 1963 Couture Necklace Blue Pink Agate Cabochons Vintage Exceptional W/Box

  • hermÈs vintage silk scarf collector royal mews buckingham palace by jean de fougerolle 1994 w/box

    HERMÈS Silk Scarf Collector THE ROYAL MEWS Buckingham Palace By Jean De Fougerolle 1994 W/Box

  • chanel vintage earrings filigree twisted gold metal & pearl w/box 1980

    CHANEL Vintage Earrings Filigree Twisted Gold Metal & Pearl W/Box 1980

  • hermÈs jet bangle bracelet palladium clic h blue c.2000

    HERMÈS Jet Bangle Bracelet Palladium Clic H Blue C.2000

  • hermÈs 1993 kelly black 35 box retourné iconic bag ghw vintage

    HERMÈS 1993 Kelly Black 35 Box Retourné Iconic Bag GHW Vintage

  • chanel 1997 white lambskin mini square quilted classic vintage flap bag w/box

    CHANEL 1997 White Lambskin Mini Square Quilted Classic Vintage Flap Bag W/Box

  • chanel 1996 gst white quilted leather top handle tote bag ghw vintage

    CHANEL 1996 GST White Quilted Leather Top Handle Tote Bag GHW Vintage

  • hermÈs vintage leather black box 1960 piano bag w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Piano Leather Black Box Calfskin Leather 1960 Piano Bag W/Box

  • hermÈs vintage chocolate brown bag box leather 1968 constance style w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Chocolate Brown Bag Box Calfskin Leather 1968 Constance Style W/Box

  • chanel vintage cc logo crystal round chanel letters long clip on earrings c.1980s w/box

    CHANEL Vintage CC Logo Crystal Round Chanel Letters Long Clip On Earrings C.1980s W/Box

  • hermÈs 1991 collier de chien cdc médor vintage belt red ghw w/box

    HERMÈS 1991 Collier de Chien CDC Médor Vintage Belt Red GHW W/Box

  • cÉline vintage sphere necklace & bracelet two tone set 1989 w/box

    CÉLINE PARIS Vintage Sphere Necklace & Bracelet Two Tone Set 1989 W/Box

  • chanel brooch cc logo pearl & crystals pin w/box

    CHANEL Brooch CC Logo Pearl & Crystals Pin W/Box

  • hermÈs vintage silk scarf hello dolly by loïc dubigeon c.1990 w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Silk Scarf Hello Dolly By Loïc Dubigeon C.1990 W/Box

  • hermÈs vintage silk scarf les bécanes by hugo grygkar c.1953 w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Silk Scarf Les Bécanes By Hugo Grygkar C.1953 W/Box

  • hermÈs vintage silk scarf voiture de dames by françoise de la perrière c.1968 w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Silk Scarf Voiture De Dames By Françoise De La Perrière C.1968 W/Box


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