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  • yves saint laurent brocade jacket skirt red suit "les chinoises" collection 1977

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Brocade Jacket Skirt Red Suit “Les Chinoises” Collection 1990

  • yves saint laurent silk brocade lamé jacket floral skirt suit runway 1989

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Silk Brocade Lamé Jacket Floral Skirt Suit Runway 1989

  • saint laurent rive gauche vintage black suit jacket & skirt 1987

    SAINT LAURENT RIVE GAUCHE Vintage Black Suit Jacket & Skirt 1987

  • yves saint laurent variation vintage spencer red jacket dress day suit 1990

    YVES SAINT LAURENT VARIATION Vintage Spencer Red Jacket Dress Day Suit 1990

  • yves saint laurent vintage blazer dress suit red variation c.1994

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Blazer Dress Suit Red Variation C.1994

  • yves saint laurent vintage black smoking blazer skirt suit satin trimmed c.1980s

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Black Smoking Blazer Skirt Suit Satin-Trimmed C.1980s

  • yves saint laurent variation polka dot print blazer & skirt 2 pieces suit c.1983

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Variation Polka Dot Print Blazer & Skirt 2 Pieces Suit C.1983

  • yves saint laurent vintage blazer trousers suit red double breasted silk c.1980

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Blazer Trousers Suit Red Double Breasted Silk C.1980

  • givenchy vintage tweed check suit 2 piece jacket skirt ladies c.1980s

    GIVENCHY Vintage Tweed Check Suit 2 Piece Jacket Skirt Ladies C.1980s

  • chanel 1993 black jacket tweed bouclé wool skirt suit cc logo single breasted

    CHANEL 1993 Black Jacket Tweed Bouclé Wool Skirt Suit CC Logo Single Breasted

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  • Chanel vintage suit bouclé

    CHANEL 1998 Orange & Beige Wool Tweed Vintage Skirt Suit Bouclé CC Buttons

  • CHANEL 1990s CC-Buttons Single-Breasted Jacket Suit Red Tweed Bouclé

  • YSL suit vintage

    YVES SAINT-LAURENT Vintage Red 2 Pieces Asymmetric Jacket Skirt Suit Jewel Buttons Mid 1980s

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  • YVES SAINT-LAURENT Haute Couture Suit

    YVES SAINT-LAURENT Haute Couture 67931 Black Single Breasted Pin Stripe Jacket 3 Pc Suit Vintage

  • Yves Saint-Laurent Haute Couture Suit Velvet

    YVES SAINT-LAURENT Haute Couture 076278 Black Single Breasted Jacket Suit Vintage

  • Haute Couture Paris YSL

    YVES SAINT-LAURENT Haute Couture 64534 Red Single Breasted Jacket Suit Vintage

  • Christian Dior Bar Jacket the flagship pieces of the French fashion house

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Bar Jacket Suit Herringbone Chevrons Single Breasted Vintage

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