Chanel bags are iconic, a concentration of dream, history, and luxurious craftsmanship. Each Chanel bag is a true representation of fashion and style, a women’s history.

CHANEL Camera bags appeared in the 1980s collections and were inspired by the cases of photographers and reporters. Introduced by Gabrielle Chanel, the “diamond” quilted leather is inspired by the equestrian world. The chain, recognised at first sight is identical to the 2.55 bag. Also named that way because of their small, box style proportions. As a result (and unlike all mini bags, chain-strap pouches), camera bags have space and depth. This makes all the difference because it expands the interior capacity and flexibility of the bags significantly, which can make them an easier option for daytime use. Camera bags also have full zip closures and cross-body straps, which make them safe options for outdoor activities that may be a little bit more practical and comfortable to wear.

Vintage Style Camera Bags

There is a style for every look and no doubt the vintage ones are the most attractive. Most of the Chanel bags are collectable and affordable, they are the best because they are stunning and renowned in the fashion industry and their only rival is Hermès. These vintage camera bags are handcrafted in luxurious lambskin quilted leather and chevron in various style with horizontal and vertical pockets, with tassels, jewellery shoulder chain, classical Chanel interlaced leather-chain and with the distinctive gold plated CC hardware that makes them so desirable. If you were to buy one today I would recommend a vintage piece either the Chanel Jumbo Flap bag, Timeless 2.55, a vintage camera bag, a Mademoiselle or a tote bag. Why the vintage bag ? because they are rare, the quality is outstanding even after many years of use. The leather is outstanding, the hardware is made with solid gold plating and their style is timeless. Sadly the more recent bags leather is not of the same high quality and the hardware is no longer real gold plated which makes the vintage pieces even more collectable not only for their looks but also investment wise. If you ask any bag connoisseur they will whisper these words to anyone who wishes to hear ‘they don’t make them like they used to be’…sadly what a true statement that is.

Camera Bags On Sale

A selection of camera bags on sale on our site.

CHANEL Vintage Camera Clutch Timeless  1994           CHANEL Coco Boy Cross-Body

Rare Chanel Camera Clutch Bags By Karl Lagerfeld

The camera bags exist in various sizes and they have evolved from being a small cross-body bag with the classic tassel and pull closure. Below is a selection of the most incredible examples, inc. clutch bags Karl Lagerfeld designed for Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld fashion icon, was the creative director of Chanel from 1983 until his recent death 19th February 2019 (85 years old) in France, Neuilly Sur Seine. He was a genius, using irresistible designs while maintaining Coco style. His Chanel bags proved time and time again to be examples of his couture know-how and creativity, and never failed to surprise the public. Karl Lagerfeld will remain one of the most emblematic icon of the luxury fashion industry.

Inspired By A Shipping Container From Chanel Show ‘Métiers d’Art’ 2017 – © Getty Images

Chanel Log Clutch Bag Show Fall/Winter 2018-2019  – © Getty Images

Chanel Robot Clutch Bag Show Spring/Summer 2017 show – © Getty Images







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