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  • chanel vintage cc logo gold small button marble pearl earrings c. 1980s w/box

    CHANEL Vintage CC Logo Gold Small Button Marble Pearl Earrings C. 1980s W/Box

  • christian dior vintage gold plated oversized large blue earrings c. 1970s 1980

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Vintage Gold Plated Oversized Large Blue Earrings C. 1970s-1980

  • chanel vintage cc logo gold tone round earrings c. 1980s w/box

    CHANEL Vintage CC Logo Gold Tone Round Button Earrings C. 1980s W/Box

  • chanel vintage by goossens earrings star comète crystal diamond cut style c. 1984 w/box

    CHANEL Vintage By Goossens Earrings Star Comète Crystal Diamond Cut Style C. 1984 W/Box

  • christian dior vintage crystal flower pearl drop dangle earrings rare 1958 w/box

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Vintage Crystal Flower Pearl Drop Dangle Earrings RARE 1958 W/Box

  • christian dior vintage earrings pave crystal art deco diamond cut style c.1947 1958

    CHRISTIAN DIOR Vintage Earrings Pave Crystal Art Deco Diamond Cut Style C.1947-1958

  • hermÈs vintage bangle bracelet enamel 18k gold plated w/box c.1970

    HERMÈS Vintage Bangle Bracelet Enamel 18K Gold Plated W/Box C.1970

  • yves saint laurent vintage chain necklace ysl logo pendant medallion & hearts c.1990

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Chain Necklace YSL Logo Pendant Medallion & Hearts C.1990

  • hermÈs vintage silk scarf les rubans du cheval red by joachim metz 1993 w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Silk Scarf LES RUBANS DU CHEVAL Red By Joachim Metz 1993 W/Box

  • hermÈs vintage silk scarf brides de gala red by hugo grygkar c.1957 w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Silk Scarf BRIDES DE GALA Red By Hugo Grygkar C.1957 W/Box

  • hermÈs vintage silk scarf les blÉs by hugo grygkar c.1955 w/box

    HERMÈS Vintage Silk Scarf LES BLÉS By Hugo Grygkar C.1955 W/Box

  • chanel vintage earrings leaf clover chanel paris logo drop dangle clip w/box c.1980s

    CHANEL Vintage Earrings Leaf Clover CHANEL PARIS Logo Drop Dangle Clip W/Box C.1980s

  • chanel vintage pearl & gold round sphere earrings by coco chanel w/box c.1960s

    CHANEL Vintage Pearl & Gold Round Sphere Earrings By Coco Chanel W/Box C.1960s

  • chanel vintage cc logo round gold textured earrings w/box c.1984 1992

    CHANEL Vintage CC Logo Round Gold Textured Earrings W/Box C.1984-1992

  • pierre balmain vintage earrings & brooch set multicoloured cabochons rare c.1990s

    PIERRE BALMAIN Vintage Earrings & Brooch Set Multicoloured Cabochons Rare C.1990s

  • celine paris vintage gold toned celestial sphere clip on earrings c.1980s

    CELINE PARIS Vintage Gold Toned Celestial Sphere Clip-On Earrings C.1980s

  • chanel vintage baroque cc logo gold pearl oval earrings w/box c.1997

    CHANEL Vintage Baroque CC Logo Gold Pearl Oval Earrings W/Box C.1997

  • chanel earrings chanel monogram silver sterling 925 half hoop

    CHANEL Earrings CHANEL Monogram Silver Sterling 925 Half Hoop

  • chanel wellington cc logo black rubber chanel boots fall winter c.1980

    CHANEL Wellington CC Logo Black Rubber Chanel Boots Fall-Winter C.1980

  • yves saint laurent vintage black smoking blazer skirt suit satin trimmed c.1980s

    YVES SAINT LAURENT Vintage Black Smoking Blazer Skirt Suit Satin-Trimmed C.1980s


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